Discover the charms
of Arrábida.

In a close encounter with the land, or with the wind and sea spray aboard a water taxi. There are unexplored paths waiting for you, accessible through trees and rocks where cars or jeeps cannot go. Did we mention that we organize tours on land and sea, both inside and outside the estate?

Here, dreamy sandy beaches are a reality.

We are running out of words to describe the beaches of the Arrábida Natural Park (and surroundings). So, we rely on images that will surely make your eyes shine... before a salty dive into turquoise waters.

Our beaches

Praia do Meco

Ribeira do Cavalo


Portinho da Arrábida


Praia dos Coelhos

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In this fertile land, just a step away from Lisbon, there is plenty of space, stimulation, and discretion for inspiring and memorable experiences.