Brito e Cunha

Extraordinary wines resulting from the combination of the best grape varieties directly from our Terroir


The ideal conditions for exceptional production

The wines of Herdade do Perú could only live up to the name, with their aromatic flavour being exclusive of this territory.

Produced in a demarcated extension of cultivated land, they reflect the physical homogeneity of the terrain and the rich properties of the soil where solid and distinct vineyards grew and matured, in the image of the family ties that have been strengthening around this land and property, under the watchful and wise eye of the Arrábida mountain range.


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Produced sustainably from the best hand-picked grapes, our wines manifest, on the one hand, an urgent vision of the future and, on the other hand, the simple sophistication on which the long history of this estate and this family is based.

The peculiar soul of Herdade do Perú insinuates itself into wines that are all very well-defined. The bottle labels are small-sized versions of paintings depicting various elements of this family, whose inclination towards the visual arts is as natural as their connection to the land.


The ideal conditions for exceptional production

When he received Herdade do Perú from the hands of a dear aunt in 2016, João Brito e Cunha decided to replant around thirteen hectares of vineyard in a sustainable way.

Only by taking care of the future, with organic and zero-waste production, could this lover of the land and painting honor a land tempered by an unparalleled family history and make its reputation endure.

In this wine estate, none of the stages of the production process, from the vineyard to the table, is left to chance, and here the time of nature is scrupulously respected.


The organic matter from the farm's animals is stored for over a year to be used later as fertilizer in the fields. The sheep also play an important role in cleaning the vineyards after the harvest.

Throughout the year, Casa Grande relies on the expertise of winemakers Jorge Rosa Santos, Rui Jorge Freire, and António Figueiredo, whose signatures can be found on the labels of our wines.

The grape harvest is carried out every year manually by a team of 10 to 12 female farm workers.

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